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Performance Consultants exports US goods in the sectors of construction materials and equipment, wind and solar energy products, water and sanitation equipment to West Africa.
We have already secured several distribution agreements from manufacturers and our list of clients is steadily growing.
35 000$ +/- 7 000$
We are looking for funds to expand our operations into acquiring buyers in West African regions. After having completed the first part of our business, which consisted of demonstrating the potential of the West African markets to American manufacturers, we now need to travel throughout West Africa to show the samples of the products we distribute, to meet with key-decision makers and government officials and participate to public and private bids to win contracts.
The sum requested will be used to finance the trips, the logistics needed for our african offices.
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Export trading company
Énergie/technologie environnementale
Construction technology, Construction materials, Construction machinery, Construction equipment, Mining machinery and equipment, Flood pumps, Manual well pumps, Wind turbines, Solar Panels
Extensive experience in the Construction and Energy industry
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As stated earlier we have products ready to be sold, all the marketing materials and samples are available for us to showcase during our tour in West Africa. Many of our products are in high demand in West Africa but Africans do not feel comfortable ordering products online or over the phone so face-to-face transaction is necessary for a deal to materialize itself.

thank you
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